prospective cohort under enrollment at the Cardiology Institute of the Catholic University of Rome: The major goal of the UCSC-ACS study is to provide a large and contemporary cohort of patients hospitalized for acute ischemic heart disease, with a prevalence of NSTEMI-UA. The subjects are treated with invasive procedures or cardiac surgery, unless contraindicated and cover a large spectrum of ages and conditions. All patients will be followed for at least 6 months and up to one year for all relevant events (new hospitalization for any cause, ACS, heart failure or death) will be recorded. Exclusion criteria are severe comorbidities limiting life expectancy at less than one year, active cancer, sepsis or chronic and acute inflammatory diseases. Fasting blood is taken within 12 hours from hospital admission for UA/NSTEMI and 30 min for STEMI, which is divided into 100 microliter aliquots and immediately stored at -80 degrees (37).


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