The MATISS study

The Rome Study (Malattie Aterosclerotiche Istituto Superiore di Sanità (MATISS), (Italy MONICA)):

The MATISS study started in 1984 as DiSCo - DIstretto Sezze controllo COmunitario - designed as demonstration project of non-communicable diseases in Central Italy. Four municipalities were involved, three at community treatment and one at control. Baseline (1984) and 4-year examinations were used to evaluate in a random sample of the general population community treatment and compared with control area (27). The project followed as prospective, observational study (MATISS). In 1993-96 the cohorts were re-examined (2,519 persons) and a new random sample, stratified by age and sex, was enrolled from the residence registry (1,970 persons examined, participation rate 60%). Follow-up is available for all cohorts until December 2004 for mortality and non- fatal coronary and stroke events, validated applying the MONICA diagnostic criteria.

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