Moli-Sani Project

Moli-Sani Project:

The cohort of the Moli-Sani Project was recruited in the Molise region from city hall registries by a multistage sampling. First, townships were sampled in major areas by cluster sampling; then, within each township, participants aged 35 years or over were selected by simple random sampling. Exclusion criteria were pregnancy at the time of recruitment, lack of in understanding, current multiple trauma or coma, or refusal to sign the informed consent. A total of 24,325 men (47%) and women (53%) over the age of 35 were examined at baseline from 2005 to 2010. Participation was 70%. The cohort was followed-up for a median of 4.2 years (maximum 6.5 years) at December 2011 and will be followed-up every 5 years (14). Follow up is achieved through record linkage to national mortality registries and hospital discharge registers, validation of events was achieved through hospital record linkage and doctors medical records using updated MORGAM criteria.


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