The Glostrup Study

Glostrup Study:

The Glostrup cohorts are five prospective population based cohorts from 11 municipalities from urban Glostrup of Copenhagen, Denmark. Random sampling based on the national population register, stratified by sex and year of birth was used for cohorts 1, 2 and 3. Cohort 1 consists of men and women aged 30-60 years having two repeated measurements of risk factors and biomarkers. Round 1 of cohort 1 was collected in 1982-1984 (N=3,785) and re-examined in 1987-1988 (Round 2, N=3,000) and 1993-1994 (Round 3, N=2656) (7). Cohort 2 (N=1,504) was examined in 1986-1987 and cohort 3 (N=1,624) was examined in 1991-1992. Inter 99 cohort sampled 6784 men and women in 1999. Health 2006 sampled 4200 men and women from 2006-2008. Follow up is achieved through linkage to the National Cause of Death Register and National Hospital Discharge Register, with endpoint diagnosis based on MORGAM criteria and validation described in 8, 9, 10. Follow up for the cohorts 1, 2, and 3 is completed to December 31st 2010.


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