Caerphilly Prospective Study (CAPS)

Caerphilly Prospective Study (CAPS):

The Caerphilly cohort is a prospective population based cohort from Wales United Kingdom (4). Men aged 56-70 years in 1989-93 were selected from the general population of Caerphilly in South Wales (population 40,000) based on their date of birth from electorial registers and private census. Phase 3 (N=2,171) was collected in 1989-93 and re-examined 10 years later in 2002-2004 (Phase 5, N=1,225) taking repeated measurements of several risk factors and biomarkers using blood samples stored at -70°C. Follow-up for deaths was performed by the Office of National Statistics and for non-fatal cardiovascular events using data linkage of hospital and GP records with validation by a study medical committee. Follow-up has been completed to February 2012.


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