The Biomarker for Cardiovascular Risk Assessment across Europe (BiomarCaRE) consortium is an EU-funded consortium including over 30 partner from academia and industry. BiomarCaRE aims to determine the value of established and emerging biomarkers to improve risk estimation of cardiovascular disease in Europe. BiomarCaRE relies on an exceptional resource of large scale epidemiological cohorts with long term follow-up and available bio specimens based on the population of the MORGAM Project as well as several cardiovascular disease cohorts and clinical trials. Uniquely, all epidemiological and clinical phenotypes as well as disease outcomes have been harmonized in a joint data base. Within BiomarCaRE, an interdisciplinary team with various expertise, the value of established and emerging biomarkers is determined across the cohorts using innovative approaches and technologies.

The Cohorts

BiomarCaRE comprises over 30 well-established prospective European population- and disease-based cohorts as well as clinical trials, totalling over 300,000 participants with long-term follow-up of cardiovascular events.

Population based cohorts


Disease cohorts


Clinical Trials


The Project

Biomarkers are considered as tools to enhance cardiovascular risk estimation. However, the value of biomarkers on risk estimation beyond established risk scores, their comparative impact among different European regions and their role in the drive towards individualized medicine remains uncertain. Within BiomarCaRE we use our unique resources and an established infrastructure to collaboratively assess the predictive value biomarkers in an interdisciplinary approach. A large panel of biomarkers including established protein-based markers such as NTproBNP and troponin as well as emerging biomarkers such as Omics markers is assessed to improved disease prediction among different European populations. Collaborations with world-class clinical trial investigators add data on the interaction of the BiomarCaRE panel with risk-lowering medication, lifestyle changes and opens the way for individualized approaches. Moreover, cost-effectiveness analyses adds to the clinical evaluation of the BiomarCaRE panel. Thereby, BiomarCaRE is unique in terms of its dimension, targeting of novel biomarkers, and the evaluation of the impact of a multiple biomarker score in large prospective population cohorts across different European regions.

See also: Zeller T, Hughes M, Tuovinen T, Schillert A, Conrads-Frank A, Ruijter HD, Schnabel RB, Kee F, Salomaa V, Siebert U, Thorand B, Ziegler A, Breek H, Pasterkamp G, Kuulasmaa K, Koenig W, Blankenberg S (2014): BiomarCaRE: rationale and design of the European BiomarCaRE project including 300,000 participants from 13 European countries. Eur J Epidemiol, 29(10):777-90.

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