Workpackage 8: Retrospective application of the European BiomarCaRE panel in biobanks of clinical trials

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To evaluate the potential effect of various pharmacological cardiovascular interventions on biomarker levels in samples from randomized clinical trials (RCTs) using a nested case-control design.

Description of Work

The work will comprise three statistical approaches:
  1. The predictive value of 3-6 selected biomarkers will be assessed in samples from various RCTs, adjusted for medication and stratified by intervention group.
  2. The change in biomarkers levels from baseline to on the average one year on treatment will be assessed.
  3. The treatment effect will be analysed according to biomarker levels at baseline (high vs. low)
See also Workpackage 6.

Partners involved

UKE Hamburg (WP coordinator), University Ulm, University Sydney, HHS Hamilton, BWH Boston