Workpackage 6: Measurements of biomarkers in population based and clinical samples

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  • To manage sample transfer logistics from European population based and diseased cohorts as well as clinical trials to the centralized BiomarCaRE laboratories
  • To perform measurements of selected emerging and existing biomarkers (WP1) in population based and diseased cohorts by using standard operating procedures.
  • Provide validated and quality controlled biomarker data for analyses to the BiomarCaRE Data Centres at THL and IMBS, to assess the predictive value in European cohorts

Description of Work

A centralized and coordinated management of sample transfer will be arranged by the BiomarCaRE laboratory in Hamburg. The transfer will be coordinated jointly between the BiomarCaRE laboratory and the BiomarCaRE Data Centres to ensure correct identification of samples.
The biomarker measurement will be performed in a two-phase approach. In Phase 1 established and novel biomarkers (selected in WP 1) are determined in a set of population cohorts from 14 different European countries (N=90,000 subjects) as well as in four disease cohorts (N=8,700 subjects). Additionally some selected miRNA, metabolomics and omic-based biomarkers will be measured in the BiomarCaRE case cohort set (N=20,000 subjects)
At Phase 2, the most promising biomarkers from phase 1 are further determined for the European population cohorts (N=130,000 subjects).

Innovative assays and technology developed by the SME's (WP2-5) are applied for emerging biomarkers, as well as state-of-the-art assays for existing biomarkers. Quality controlled and validated biomarker values are transferred to the BiomarCaRE Data Centres to be merged to the other cohort data for analysis.

The result of this work package will generate high-throughput quality controlled biomarker data from all BiomarCaRE cohorts. Additionally it provides a comprehensive evaluation and adaption of innovative SME-driven technology and assays.

Partners involved

UKE Hamburg (WP coordinator), all cohort providers, UHSH Lübeck, THL Helsinki, Cavadis Utrecht, Biocrates Innsbruck, Fleet Bioprocessing, Biocartis Lausanne