Workpackage 4: Assay development: metabolomics

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To produce Biocrates AbsoluteIDQ p180 for the quantitative metabolomics profiling of ap-proximately 186 metabolites of around 20,000 samples from specific cohorts of the BiomarCaRE bio-repository with endpoints and image information. To deliver the Kits in-cluding all consumables and software (MetIDQ) for the data analyses of FIA-MS-MS assay available to Partner 5.

Description of Work

In this WP, Biocrates manufactures approximately 250 Absolute IDQ p180 Kits for quanti-tative metabolomics analysis of approximately 180 metabolites from 5 compound classes, (i.e., acyl carnitines, amino acids, biogenic amines, phospho- and sphingolipids, and hex-ose) in 20,000 serum/plasma samples on a case-cohort basis. The assays is delivered in 96 well formats, enabling the analysis of large number of samples; it includes a flow injec-tion tandem mass spectrometry platform, FIA-MS/MS, for the analyses of acyl carnitines, hexoses, and phosphoand sphingolipids, and a liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry platform, LC-MS/MS, for amino acids and biogenic amines. Quantifications of metabolites is performed by stable isotope labelling or by the use of chemically homol-ogous internal standards.
The manufacturing of the 250 Kits including consumables is performed in 2 steps because of the large number of samples to be analysed by Partner 5, the shelf-life and the storage capacity of Partner 5. In agreement with Partner 5, 125 Kits are manufactured in the first and, the remaining 125 Kits later in the measurement phase.
Biocrates will train Partner 5 to perform Absolute IDQ p180 Kit based targeted metabo-lomics analyses, in monitoring and documentation of LC-MS/MS system suitability in as well as Kit data management and normalization based on MetIDQ software.

Partners involved

Biocrates Innsbruck (WP coordiantor), UKE Hamburg, ThermoFisher Dreieich